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For teaching students the RESEARCH PROCESS in a systematic, thoughtful way.  Once students have identified what they need to find out or research they:

1.  F - Find relevant sources of information
2.  A - Assess them for reliability
3.  C - Comprehend the key information
4.  T - Test the ideas by cross checking and confirming
5.  S - Synthesise the factual ideas into something new 

The acronym F.A.C.T.S. is used to help jog students’ memory of the 5 key stages of research.  (It helps that they’re essentially finding FACTS anyway, doesn’t it?).  The resource is based on questions so that students can be very thoughtful and begin to internalise the research process.   This will also encourage students’ development as questioners - a lifelong learning disposition.  The questions have been turned into a poem for each step of the research process to assist students to remember the key questions they should be thinking about when they are at this particular stage of research.  There are also 20 think tools & photocopiable think-sheets to support students as they develop important skills and attitudes at the 5 different stages of research.  The resource is presented in a ready-made ‘Print & Display’ format should you wish to use it to liven up your classroom walls.   The “F.A.C.T.S. Finding Mission” is a great focus for your literacy programme as it emphasises the importance of reading comprehension and synthesising ideas and information in new ways. 

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Bex F.A.C.T.S. Finding Mission

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