This resource is designed to support teachers to help their learners develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to experience successful learner agency.  It’s all about making the key competency of “Managing Self” visible and well understood by learners, so they can take increasing responsibility for and ownership of their learning.  It can be used to help teachers identify their learners’ strengths and priorities as learning agents - and therefore what they need to focus on in the classroom, while also helping learners to self evaluate and know what they can do for themselves to become a more resilient, independent learning agent.   

There are 5 KEY SKILLS covered in this resource:   Resilient, Independent Learning Agents:

  1. Take responsibility for managing myself
  2. Set goals and make plans
  3. Make good learning choices
  4. Have a “Can Do” attitude to challenge and change
  5. Reflect, Self Assess and Evaluate

Each of the 5 KEY SKILLS has:

  • 5 ATTRIBUTES highlighting the sort of personal qualities, attitudes or mindset needed for the skill
  • 5 ABILITIES outlining the behaviours, sub-skills or aspects the skill involves
  • A RUBRIC showing how the skill progresses across 4 different levels, for learners to self evaluate against

The resource includes:


  1. Key Skill, Image
  2. Key Skill, Image and Attributes (personal qualities, attitudes or mindset needed for the skill)
  3. Key Skill, Image and Abilities (the behaviours, sub-skills or aspects the skill involves)


  1. Each skill broken down in considerable detail across 4 progressive levels of development, with a self evaluation on the bottom to record progress over time
  2. Each level of the 5 skills on one page - great to share with parents 
  3. Large print for one level of each skill on separate pages - to use in lessons when you’re unpacking them with learners


  1. 10 Photocopiable Collaborative Activities to help learners develop their understanding of the Key Skills, Attributes and Abilities


  1. Cautions to think about when using progressions for learning behaviours

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Resilient, Independent Learning Agents - Agency Rubric for Schools

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